As a Buyers Representative

First thing’s first, have Christina E. Osborne, your REALTOR®, sign a Buyer Representation Agreement and become a Buyer Client – see the following list of reasons why:

Duties and Services Desired in Real Estate 

Buyer Client

  • Honesty / Integrity
  • Complete loyalty to buyers needs
  • Keep information confidential buyer can talk freely
  • Consider alternative solutions in finding property to fit the buyer’s needs
  • Given first opportunity to view new listings
  • All properties are available for showing consideration (even For Sale by Owners)
  • Full disclosure of all facts and pertinent information
  • Advice and opinion along with facts; educate the buyer
  • Make every attempt to find the best property for the buyer and fulfill the buyer’s needs
  • Volunteer an opinion of value CMA)/specific property value
  • Provide price counseling
  • Suggestions made in buyer-client’s best interest
  • Prepare offer on behalf of buyer
  • Negotiate on behalf of buyer
  • Attempt to strengthen the buyer’s negotiating position
  • Attempt to solve problems and close the transaction to satisfy the buyer


Buyer Customer

  • Honesty / Integrity
  • Complete loyalty to seller’s needs
  • Relay to seller all information received from buyer
  • Focus on our seller-clients needs in selling; limit property to MLS only
  • Less attention given in searching new listings;
  • Show buyers properties listed strictly with buyers pre-qualified affordability range
  • Disclose just material facts regarding properties discussed
  •  No advice regarding property, only the facts
  • Get the best price for the seller and fulfill the sellers needs
  •  Cannot give an “opinion of value” CMA unless it supports the seller’s listing price
  • No price counseling
  • Suggestions made regarding financing or any other terms must benefit the seller
  • Negotiate on behalf of seller
  •  Attempt to strengthen the seller’s negotiating position
  • Attempt to solve problems and close the transaction to satisfy the seller
These are the difference between representation and as you can clearly see, you want to be sure you ALWAYS have representation and IABS  Please print, fill out and fax back to 281-402-1967.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call at 281-793-5193 or via email at

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