Buying a Home

Buying a Home can be daunting and cause a lot of stress in your life.  Our GOAL is to help buying-a-house-self-employedyou expedite the entire process and inform you of all the steps needed to successfully navigate your purchase.

We start this process by:

  1. Communication – We can be reached via phone, text, email or webcam.  If we do not answer, then we are with a client or on the phone; however, we treat all of our clients like we would a family member.  If you call, its important and we know it!  We can validate this behavior by our many client’s reviews and their satisfaction in this area.
  2. Professional:  Which has several meanings to many people, but  to us, it means that we keep our word, that we follow up and that we make your needs our priority.  In each contract there are several different items that need to be confirmed & completed, we do this from the time we negotiate contract to the time you sign on the “dotted line.  We care that everything is handled timely and with respect to all involved.  We consider our view of “Professional” a “White Glove” perspective and you are our priority even if we have to do someone else’s job, we get it done!
  3. Informational:  We work hard to confirm you are fully informed of all aspects of the contract process from start to finish.  We do not want to cause undue stress in your life, so we make sure that you are informed if any changes or delays occur.
  4. High Quality:  77% Consumers identify agents as low quality  [per Consumer Report-Inman]. We are here for you full time and we are full service and have developed the educational background and continue to do so as well as the experience and know how to deliver exceptional quality of service.

By committing to these standards we have obtained a client base that relies on us for all of their Real Estate needs and services. Call me to get started on your home buying process today at 281-793-5193. Search for your new home here!

creative ways to buy a home

















What does that word mean real estate? Find out here… Just click on the picture below! 





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